Tips on How to Apply Crest White Strips

As age catches up with us, there are changes that happen with our teeth. They can discolor due to many reasons. This may be due to poor dental care, consumption of drinks with high levels of caffeine. Smoking can be another major cause of teeth discoloration. There are tools which you can use to brighten your teeth by whitening them again. Crest whitening strips can help to make the teeth look great again and attractive. You should learn how to use these strips to have the right impact. Go through the instructions given on the label of this product. Read more about this at this website.

You should brush your teeth thoroughly before you start using this strips. This is because food or bacteria can be trapped under the strip making you not to have your desired results. It also helps to remove anything that can block proper whitening of your teeth. Make sure you brush around thirty minutes before.

Make sure you will be using the strip in the right location. Learn about how the strip should move on your teeth. Know which side is supposed to be placed on the teeth. Ensure that the side that contacts the teeth is the one containing the gel. This gel is the substance that makes the teeth whiter. Click here for more info.

Dry any saliva on your teeth with a dry cloth. This will ensure that the whitening is effective. You can find what you can use to spread your cheeks and reduce the flow of saliva in your teeth. You should make the Crest White Strips smooth. You can sue a toothbrush to help you in this. The strip should cover your teeth completely without having any space. Apply the strip to every location of the teeth but exclude the gums. In case the gums are touched, they would become painful.

Wait for some time for the strip to do its work. You should remove the strip after around thirty minutes. To ensure that your mouth is dry, lie on your back and keep your mouth open. You can also breathe through the mouth which is effective in drying any saliva.

Remove the strip after 30 minutes. Peel the strip away and throw them in the dustbin. You should not let the strip exceed the time given in the instructions as it may cause teeth sensitivity. It also does not lead to more teeth whitening. Clean the mouth with a brush to remove the gel. The gel should never be swallowed as it can be harmful. Repeat the process for some days, and you will eventually see the results.